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Time for a bit of Erlang

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Who can say why we’re attracted to certain programming languages over others? I’ve been loving, and will continue to love Clojure for a couple of years now; I’m enamored with the minimalist syntax and the power it gives the programmer to quickly prototype work. I love that it’s functional and doesn’t force you to shove functions into places you might not want them, instead letting them be relatively free-range: happy little functions, grazing around the hillocks of your program. It’s basically the opposite of everything I hated about Java.

So, I kind of surprised myself when I became interested in Erlang. I think my initial plan was to learn enough Erlang to start exploring Lisp Flavored Erlng, mostly because I’m really interested in parallel computing and Erlang seems to have that covered in spades. I also recently heard a Functional Geekery episode that talked to