Always learning

Who Am I?

I’m an engineer at Emma Email Marketing living in Chattanooga, TN. I work mostly in python with a bit of Node.js. I also know my way around the front end, working in a bit of Javascript/HTML/CSS with a sprinkling of React thrown in because that seems to be the new front end hotness. In my job I write a lot of microservices and so I get to work with a variety of technologies to support them. Our thinking is very event driven and we pass a lot of messages using SQS and store data in a whole host of spots: PostGres, MySQL, S3, Elasticsearch, and Redis. In my past I’ve also worked in Java writing web services to help the state of Tennessee run more smoothly.

I also teach programming at the local Community College. I love giving back to the programming community and one way I do that is by trying to make the best new developers that I can. Learning is important to me and I want to pass that on to the next generation of programmers and engineers.

I’m interested in functional programming, especially clojure, but I’ve also enjoyed exploring Erlang and Elixir. I’d love to do more with functional programming, it’s such a great way to think about data flow. I’ve even found several ways to use it in my object oriented work, but I’ve also found you have to be careful doing that: concepts that are clear in a functional language can become cumbersome when moved into the OO world.

I like to present at conferences and meetups because it gives me the push I sometimes need to dive a bit deeper on a topic of interest. Check out my Talks page to see what I’ve done.

It's me!